Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I did some checking with my mum last night and found out how I got my name.

Stacy Lynn

Apparenty her and my dad were driving down the road listening to the radio. What ever was on was talking about a soap opera and a character named Stacy. They really liked the name so that is how I got it. As far as Lynn goes, she said it just sounded right together.

I don't really have a nickname other than shortening my name to Stac.

As far as the boyz:

Teen is named after his father, Thomas Edward, but goes by a nickname - TJ (Thomas Jr.).

Tween has two middle names, William (after hubby's grandfather) and Perry (after my dad's middle name). We couldn't settle on who got first dibs on the name so we gave him his own first name (Joshua) and two middles.

Little S is all on his own. We scoured baby books and went back and forth on a few names. I wanted something biblical since the other two were. We went with Seth as his first name and Leighton as his middle name. Most people call him Seth, but at home he is mostly called Leighton or Leight. And so he doesn't feel left out of being named after someone, he has the same initials as me SLG. He has many nicknames that he answers to - Monster, Monkey, Pumpkin Pie and probably a million

Thanks for playing along. I loved learning how you got your name. And if you haven't answered yet, it isn't too late.


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