Friday, February 27, 2009

Conversations with a 5 year old.

So yesterday I picked up Little S from the sitters after work. On the way home he was chattering away. I'll let you listen to an excerpt of our conversation:

Little S: Did you know that Zachy had 2 grandma's?
Me: Yes I did. How many grandma's do you have?
LS: Two.
Me: Who are they?
LS: You know. GramLivo & GramRetta.
Me: What about Great Grandma that lives with Tracey & Great Mummum that lives with
LS: That is GramLivo & Gram Retta's Mom.
Me: Well, they are still your grandma's.
LS: I am talking about "Old" grandma's, not "Really Old" grandma's.

I couldn't say anymore for laughing so hard. Of course I had to call GramLivo & Gram Retta right away to tell them.

That kid seriously Cracks Me Up!

Have a great day!



Shana said...

Kids are so funny.

When Marissa was little and we were talking about her Grandma vs my Grandma, she would call one "Grandma" and the other GrandmaGrandma" but i never knew which one was which.

(You have to write this stuff down, in a book and give it to LittleS's 18th birthday, or when he has kids!)

Becca said...

Out of the mouth of babes!

Tracie said...

Too Cute!!