Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Why?

I have been known to ask a ton of questions. I am just that type of person. I am not being nosey, I am just a very curious person. At work they sometimes call me Stacy with the "why". It started first because they were always asking me how to correctly spell my name and second because I do ask a lot of questions. Especially at work. I feel that if I know the reason "why" I am doing something, then I will better understand and be able to comply.

My children are sometimes the same way. And as much as I expect patience from those I ask questions of, I sadly do not always extend the same courtesy to my kids when they have asked "why" for the ten thousandth time in a row.

So in honor of all of our "Whys" here, I am going to start Wednesday Why here.

My question to you is:

** Why do you live where you live? Have you grown up there? Did a job take you there? Schooling? A Spouse?

** What is the best/worst part of living where you live?

** Do you plan on staying there or do you have a different place in mind when the kids grow up, when you retire, etc?

Thanks for playing along. I can't wait to get home and see your answers tonight!


PS - I'll answer these myself in the comments later.


Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

We live in TN because my husbands's plant closed in FL and offered to locate us here.

:-)We love our property, the people, living in a more conservative part of the country.
:-( Not having old friends or family

I could stay here... but I would bet this isn't our last move... although I wish it were

Laurel said...

We moved to Western PA when my husband was promoted. We had a choice of Boston (too Expensive), Florida Panhandle (didn't know much about it) or Western PA. When we came to check it out, we found a house right away and made our decision.

The best thing about where we live is that it is a small town, great schools, and pretty safe for kids. The worst about it is that it is a small town!!! Gossip, gossip, gossip. If you did not grow up here, it is very hard to make friends. I have lived here 15 years and can only call about 4 people my good friends. (half of those do not even live in my town!!)

We have talked about moving, but now that we have a child in High School, we will probably stay here until our kids finish school. Once they go to college, we will see what our life brings us. My husband always talks about moving somewhere warm. Only God Knows!!!

Tracie said...

We live in NE because that's where we grew up, but hubby is the reason we are back in our hometown. If my life had taken a different ??...romantic path I could have been anywhere.

We have a great town, wonderful facilities, BUT it's also very cliquey and sometimes there's the wish that you could just move on and start over.

I'm sure we'll be here for always. In the back of my mind I kinda think that when my kids are my age, and we are retirement age that maybe we would follow them wherever they are. Who knows what the future holds.

Vonnie said...

We too live where we do because we both grew up within 20 miles of here. Southern ND.

Hubby and I always talked about moving when the kids grew up but now that they have he doesn't want to leave.

Best part of living here is the change of seasons and it can also be the worst part. It too is a very small community and you know most people who live in a 40 mile radius. It is hard at times living a small community and everyone knows or thinks they know your buisness. But when someone needs help most folks are there for that too.

White Hot Magik said...

I live where I live mostly because it is where I grew up and my parents are here and it seemed like a good place to raise our kids. We moved back two years ago, looked for jobs before we came but not becuase of a job.

Best part, having so much family around and the small town community can be lots of fun. Worst part would be lack of variety in restaurants and shopping but that is trade off, we can go other places to visit.

I don't know about the last one, no definite plans right now either way. Oddly one of my biggest obstacles about moving here was the realization that if we did, we may never live anywhere else again, and that was hard. We will just have to see where God takes us.

Becca said...

** Why do you live where you live? Have you grown up there? Did a job take you there? Schooling? A Spouse?

I live where I live because this is where the money I took, shh, don't tell, from my abusive ex when I left him took me when I moved across America. No I did not grow up here. But I did meet my husband Mitch here. We lived less than 1/2 mile apart. Who would have thunk it!

** What is the best/worst part of living where you live?

The best part is we have beautiful summers, the worst part is that it rains from October to April. And it is too far from Maine.

** Do you plan on staying there or do you have a different place in mind when the kids grow up, when you retire, etc?

I think that depending on whether or not we have to move to California to help take care of my inlaws we are going to be buying a house here sometime in the next year. Retire? What is that anymore? We thought that we would be able to do that from where Mitch works next year, but that is not going to happen now with the economy, so now we will at least work until 2012 and then reconsider unless Mitch wins Powerball, then we retire until Hawaii!

meg said...

1. I live in CA because that's where Chris & work was 20+ years ago (besides, I really wanted to get out of KS after my divorce); we chose to move to this town 14 yrs ago because it was more afforable than the Bay Area, yet close enough for Chris to stay at his job.
2. The best part of living in Tracy is the small-town personality, wide open spaces (compared to 30 miles West), and the closeness of everything; in a little over an hour, we can be in the mountains, at the beach, visit family, or explore San Francisco.
The worst part of living here is the 100+ heat in the summer, the terrible Valley smog in summer & fog in winter, & the lack of work- most people have to commute an hour or more one of the most crowded highways in the state.
3. We intend on staying here, even now that we are facing the last one graduating & moving on; the inlaws want us to move up north, but our life, our work, our friends, & our church are here.

Dory said...

Oh good questions!
We live where we live, because that's where my hubby was offered the job 15 yrs ago. It is in our home state, only a few hours away from our families - so it's close enough.

Best part - it is close to family.
Worst part - it's NOT on the beach.

I hope and pray to someday live near the ocean. Any ocean...

ZooKeeper said...

This post is so appropriate today since I finally checked my hotmail and got your email. I replied, btw.

I live in NW PA because I have always lived here. My mom is here, 4 houses down the road. My sister is here 4 miles down the road and around the corner. My brother lives about 20 miles away.

I probably wouldn't be here now if I hadn't gotten pregnant in high school but you have to play the cards you are dealt.

J and I have talked of getting a house together but I need to stay close to here because of my kids and J needs to stay near Pitt because his job is there. That and my oldest would throw a conniption if I moved out of this school district. It is a good school district and she has friends. She graduates in 4 years and maybe after that we can move but by then my youngest probably won't want to move either.

The good and the bad: Besides the school district, I like living in the country but don't like being so far from town. It's convenient for me to have my mom near by but not so great when she just pops in unannounced. It's pretty safe here and my neighbors watch my house for me but there isn't much to do around these parts, it is quite boring. And the weather sucks.

After the kids graduate and if J and I are still on the commitment path then I am sure we will move closer to Pitt and hopefully after he retires we can move somewhere we actually want to live. Not sure where that is right now but I'm hoping for sunny skies and warmer temperatures.

Tricia said...

** Why do you live where you live? Have you grown up there? Did a job take you there? Schooling? A Spouse?

We live in NM because our families live here and we were raised here. We live in the town we built our house in because the land was more reasonably priced than other areas, nice land not desert and it's a horse community. Alan does not like city living at all!

** What is the best/worst part of living where you live?

Best part about where we live is our neighbors, the views around us, the quietness and simplicty. The worst part is the outskirts is full of loser low life drug addicts and Indians.

** Do you plan on staying there or do you have a different place in mind when the kids grow up, when you retire, etc?

I would think we would stay where we are but you just never know where the road is going to take you.