Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Would You Wednesday

Would you rather:

Have to go out shopping absolutely every day (no online shopping does not count)


Never ever have to go shopping again?

I know what I would pick. I do not care to shop. My one friend at church thinks I was born missing a gene. I am pretty sure this is what makes me a great mom of boyz. They are pretty easy to shop for. Jeans and t-shirts always work for them. And a good pair of tennis shoes and dress shoes.



Crystal said...

ooh. This has the potential to be a tough one. I wouldn't mind going shopping every day if I had unlimited funds and could purchase what I wanted. In the real world though...I would rather not have to shop at all. These days I go in and quickly get just what I need and get out fast!! :)

unwashedflyer said...

are you only asking that question because you have children and stay at home?

i think i would want to shop every day... i mean, what else would you be doing?!

Shannon said...

I agree with Crystal- I'd pick shopping as long as I had the money to support such a habit! :)