Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Five

** Warning - Shannon, this post may turn your stomache. **

Five Things That Should Never Be Chocolate Covered

1) Peppers

2) Bugs of any kind

3) Ham

4) Bacon

5) Pickles

What other crazy things do you know of that they cover in chocolate? Would you attempt to eat any of these?



Shannon said...

OH MY GOODNESS! YUCK YUCK YUCK! Chocolate covered pickles? YUCK!

Vonnie said...

I love bacon and love chocolate. My son took us to the Mn Stae fair and they had the chocolate covered bacon....YUCK! Do not try this at home! Ok or any of the other things you've listed.

Teen said...

Id try the chocolate covered bacon. Looks delicious. I know that this is a no brainer, but have you ever tried the frozen chocolate covered banana pops? Delicious. Click on my URL for a picture.

tween said...

to be honest i would try all of these except for the pepper.