Sunday, January 16, 2011

Son-Day Post

This weeks post is brought to you by Tween:

You know your family loves you when they don't let you live stuff down.

Last night during the game I posted on Facebook that the Steelers had a good catch and I said too bad they stepped out of bounce when i meant to put bounds. I can tell I will never live that down.

Also when I was a bit younger I tried to pick up a piano bench to move it instead of picking it up short ways I tried picking it up long ways and then told my mom I could not lift it up she just stood there laughing.

At least whenever you do something that won't be forgotten other people do stuff too. Like how my mom was yelling at the Steelers game last night but if you say anything to her she will claim that she does not know what you are talking about. But I witnessed it with my own ears. She cannot mess with true facts. She cares about football and likes to yell about it!!!


PS (from Mum) - I only care about high school and the playoffs.

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unwashedflyer said...

did the steelers win? they're suppost to be champions aren't they?