Monday, September 20, 2010


Little S is a great reader for his age. And on top of that he loves to read, everything.

So last Thursday my Mum came up to spend the night as we were leaving early Friday morning for Women of Faith in Cleveland. Thursday night is also Hubby's bowling night as well as it was Open House at the High School.

Teen & Tween and I went to Open House while Grandma stayed home with Little S. We all love to play board games and card games and the boys live for when we go to my Mum's for the weekend to play games.

So while we were gone Grandma and Little S decided to play Pictureka. If you have never played the game go out and buy it now. It is so much fun! Anyhow, Little S wanted to read the card that tells you what the roll of the dice means.

So he is trying to read the card to Grandma and she knows he is a good reader, but for the life of her she cannot figure out what he is trying to tell her. So she asked him for the card and when she looks at it, he is reading the Spanish

But he never gave up, he tried reading it like a champ.


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Shana said...

Three cheers for never giving up!!