Friday, September 10, 2010

Kids Say

Not too long ago I wrote about how we joined the library and how much fun we have had there over the summer. I actually miss going there every week. But now with working and the kids in school we haven't been able to make it over during open hours.

The library today is quiet different from the library in my day. There is a whole room in the lower level that is just a Children's Wing. It is a great room and the staff is wonderful. And the best part is there are games there that the kids can take out and play (chess, checkers, etc) and they don't have to whisper and still fear dirty looks or being told to shhhh. It's a place where kids can truly learn and ask questions and just have fun. They even had an ice cream day this summer. The kids got to eat ice cream and read a book!

One day while we were in the children's room, there was a binder on one of the tables and on the front cover it said "If I Ruled the World" by *Mrs. Ima Teacher's 2nd Grade Class of The Local Elementary* (*Names Changed as it wasn't my children's teacher or school)

So I start flipping through the book and reading what the kids had to say. It was obvious that the teacher had written parts on the board and the kids had to fill in their answers to parts.

Some of them would have pizza served every day at school, some would ban boys. Some of the answers then turned serious, they would not allow yelling and would not allow cancer. <---That one made me sad that at 7/8 yrs their lives had already been affected by cancer. And then some were just plain funny, it required wearing pink every day.

And then there was the one who apparently had a parent in the armed services as this child was talking about wearing camouflage, however they spelled it 'CAMEL FLOSS'. Let's just say it was a good thing laughing was allowed in the children's section when I read


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Vonnie said...

That is great! Makes me wish I was a kid in your town. Glad little S gets to go.