Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Broken Arm

Teen is 17, Tween is 14 and Little S is 6. Last year we had our first broken bone when Tween fell playing PT Alien. (It's a game the complex kids made up and is kind of like Hide 'n Seek and Tag mixed together with a few other rules).

So I think we did pretty good going 16 years of having boys without a broken bone. Then a few weeks ago Little S was playing on a retaining wall at my BIL's house. The retaining wall goes the whole length of their driveway on both sides. It is completely made out of railroad ties and one side of the drive is higher than the other. The older boys and the men were playing basketball in the driveway and Little S was jumping on and off of the short retaining wall (2 railroad ties high). One time he jumped and missed and fell right on his elbow.

He was crying and they moved his arm some by making him open and close his elbow and it moved fine and didn't hurt that much. He came up to the house and we tried to move it the other way and he screamed in pain.

Yep, he broke his elbow. It cracked from one side to the other but luckily it didn't separate.
This is the nurse getting it all in place and ready for the cast. I think he believes holding his breathe will make the pain go away.
This is after the first layer of cast is on and now his colored cast is being put on. It felt much better once it was secured in place and couldn't be moved.
And this is after we got back home and the pain meds kicked in. He was out for almost the rest of the day.
Tomorrow he goes for another x-ray and cast check to see how it is progressing and also to see if he needs the cast replaced. Hopefully he won't have it on much longer.



Crystal said...

Oh my goodness. I'll be praying all is healing as it should be. Lol, boys. :)

Tracie said...

Hope it heals quickly for him!!

Chris said...

On the bright side: at least it happened at the end of summer. Is he right handed? That would help, too. Hope he gets some great signatures!

Becca said...

Oh poor guy, hope that he is healing well! Please update what you learn!