Monday, April 12, 2010

Weird Food

Yesterday i was at my sister-in-laws for my niece's birthday party. Naturally all of the kids were down in the basement and outside, the men were in the living room watching The Masters on the big screen and the women were in the kitchen chatting around the island.

On the island were some of the toppings for the burgers and dogs were we having later to eat. There was also a big bowl of chips. So as we are standing there chatting we are nibbling on the chips, pickles and olives sitting there. I noticed that my sister-in-law was taking a chip and putting a pickle on it and eating them. I thought it looked pretty good so I tried it. It was actually really good. Soon we were all eating pickles and/or olives with our chips.

I later thought about how weird but good this combination was. So I got to thinking this morning of some other things I have tried that sound weird but are actually really good.

One thing I like to eat together is cottage cheese with green olives in it. Something I tried while pregnant with Little S and still like.

Another thing is macaroni and milk. I know my step dad is really grossed out right now, but it is so good. The macaroni has to be hot and al dente, pour it into a bowl with ice cold milk and salt it...yummy! My mum used to make this for us when we were kids.

So what are some weird food combinations that you eat? What made you try them? Have you convinced anyone else to try it?



Becca said...

Nutella and bananas.
Scrambled eggs and salsa
Scrambled eggs with sour cream.
Brownies with cream cheese swirled.

Shannon said...

Pickles and chips? Pickles and anything? EEWWWWW!

I do however like:
-cornbread with Miracle Whip on it

When I was little I loved:
-peanut butter, bananas, and vanilla wafers
-peanut butter on hot toast with syrup
-white rice with butter and sugar

Crystal said...

When preggo with my daughter, I discovered I love drenching chicken and rice in peach juice (I can't eat it without anymore). Mostly I don't combine foods, but my kids...

*Green beans and barbeque sauce
*ranch flavored chips in ranch dressing, mustard, and ketchup
*Oh, and I love scrambled eggs with salsa and sour cream like Becca

I know there are a couple more my kids eat that totally gross me out, but I can't think of what they are right now. I may have repressed the memories. :)

Oh, and I got my daughter to eat her chicken and rice the way I do. The hubby still isn't convinced. :)

Crystal said...

Oh and Chocolate-Banana milkshakes and yes, I have my daughter hooked on those too. We don't eat them very often though. They are a treat!

Jen said...

The weirdest thing I grew up eating was Mom's Special Ham Salad.

It was like ham salad for poor people. :)

Instead of ham, mom would grind up a roll of bologna and add relish, mayo, etc - just like ham salad. THEN, she would add crunchy peanut butter.

All of us kids loved it.

It makes me sick to even THINK about now though! I hate processed meats! Blech!