Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Not long ago my sweet friend Shannon posted this video from Old Spice:

Generally I record everything on the handy dandy DVR and zip through the commercials so I had not yet seen this commercial. I couldn't help but watch it over and over again and then tell everyone I knew about it.

After talking about it so much I noticed one day that hubby had bought some at the store. I have to admit that it does smell pretty good. And he bought the deodorant that goes with it. The scent he got was 'Swagger'. So now he tells us he has his 'swagger' on. He is so silly some times.

Last week his male co-worker says to him: 'I'm not trying to be funny or anything but you really smell good lately'

So glad I talked up that commercial, I think....lol



Crystal said...

Lol! I hadn't seen that commercial either! It was funny, thanks for sharing! :)

Jeankfl said...

I think Old Spice has a winner in that one.. It's so funny.. even without knowing what it's advertising! That's the only thing my dad has ever used, so I've always known how nice it is..

Jen said...

Travis won't wear ANY aftershave or cologne. He smells fine without it, but it would spice things up a but if he did...

Matt, on the other hand, practically bathes himself with AXE body spray!

Jen said...


should be:



Becca said...

That ad was filmed here in Portland over 5 days! It was a hoot seeing the clips on our local news!

Mitch is a Stetson man..