Monday, May 25, 2009


I hope everyone had a nice long relaxing weekend. I know that for the most part I did.
I received a Gift Certificate for Christmas for the local outlet mall so Saturday we went down there for a little while. I got a couple of new outfits for work/play.
While we were there The American Association for Lost Children was doing a promo event. We picked up some material from them as well as a few Child-Identa Kits. If you have a chance, stop by their website and check them out. They are local here, but help all over. What a wonderful organization that I hope none of you ever needs.

They were doing face painting so Little S and Tween each got a rainbow. But not on their faces, no idea why.

And some other exciting news: Guess who learned to ride a big boy bike without training wheels?
WooHoo - What a big boy!

Great job Little S!
And one last thing, Tween is actually no long a "tween" he is officially a Teen now. I thought about trying to change his nickname here, but after thinking about it for a while I realized that he is still "between" the other two and therefore will always be "Tween". Happy Birthday kiddo!

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Becca said...

Well, Tween will always be between the oldest and the youngest, so that fits!