Thursday, May 14, 2009

We Have a Cast

Okay, maybe "we" don't but Tween does.

First they made sure the swelling was down and took a couple of x-rays to make sure everything was still set right.
Not everyone wants to see these pics because they are kind of gross, but here goes.
This is a picture of the pins. Doesn't remind you on an alien or ant antenna?

Next they piled layers and layers of gauze and padding on the pins to protect them. And covered them with a another type of gauze that slid on like a sleave.

On top of that there were several layers of cotton.

This is after the first layer of the cast. Did you know it is made out of fiberglass and treated with something that makes a chemical reaction when put it water? It gets really warm for a while as it hardens up.
This is the final layer. He wanted orange, his favorite color, but they were out. Orange is also the school colors for a local school, not that it is a popular color. So he chose red which is his school colors and he'll fit in great for Memorial Day.
Next week we will go back for another x-ray. They watch a little closer with pins to make sure everything is still in line. In 2-3 weeks, they will take the cast off, remove the pins and after looking at the x-rays, will either recast it or put a removable splint on it.
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Tracie said...


Shana said...

Good pictures and he doesn't look too miserable

Becca said...

Those pins creep me out, but the cast color is cool..just wait until it is all signed by his friends!

Rebekah said...

Looks like a great cast application! No swimming for 6-8 wks-- hope he gets to swim late summer though!