Friday, May 8, 2009


Tonight Hubby, Little S and I went grocery shopping. When we got there I checked Little S into the Playroom and they were having a Beach Party tonight. He had a blast doing all kinds of fun beach stuff. Digging in the"sand" for prizes and seashells, making "beachy" crafts, searching for hidden (blow-up) fish around the room and playing "beach" volleyball and limbo.

This picture isn't a very good one as it was taken from afar through a window with my cell phone. He is in the middle in the yellow sweatshirt while they are playing volleyball with a bunch of beach balls.
The funny thing was that earlier today I was talking to my friend Lucky Dorito about the beach. So I text her and told her about the beach party.
What? Your grocery store doesn't have playroom? I thought this was a common thing. Seriously, we go to the grocery store and sign our kids in (ages 3-9). They are able to play with all kinds of games, computers and game systems. Most of them educational. It is a secured sign in and out. You have to provide ID at check-in and check-out. You get either a pager or specific number that that they call if your child needs you. The best part is I get to shop without whining and hearing "Can I have?", "Are we almost done?" The people that came up with this are geniuses! Here is a link to check it out - Giant Eagle Eagle's Nest. Do you have anything like this in your area?
Have a Great Day!


White Hot Magik said...

Uhm no we don't nor have I seen one, although I would LOVE this service. How fun.

Jen said...

I have never even HEARD to such a thing! It is genius, pure genius!

Becca said...

We have a playroom here at our local Fred Meyer and Ikea.