Thursday, May 21, 2009

This and That

Not much going on around here lately. It has gotten hot the last couple of days. Guess that is good for warming the pool water up.

Tween went yesterday for a check up. Everything looked good on the X-ray, but they decided to take the cast off and check the incisions. So now he has a blue cast. He goes back in two weeks for another check, perhaps next time he'll get a green

So I have a question today. What word or words that people say (or your kids) is like finger nails down a chalk board to you?

I have 2 that I can think of right off the bat.

Irregardless & Ain't

Every time someone says one of these words, I just want to turn around and correct them. (Sorry if you use I am not sure why they bug me so much.

So what word(s) bother you to the point of annoyance?



Tracie said...

And what not & And that - I have co-workers that say both and it bugs me.

Shana said...

I hate 'irregardless' too. It isn't even a real work.

The word I hate the most is 'yous' You is not plural, people. THAT bugs me to no end

Dory said...

We used to have a friend that ended EVERY sentence with "and all" .... drove me bonkers.

"We're going to the park this afternoon and all... going to play some ball and all.... maybe take a picnic lunch and all.... ya'll want to come with us and all?"


Dory said...
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Dory said...

Sorry, it posted my comment twice and I tried to delete one of them. I'd never done that before - didn't realize it would leave that "this comment was deleted by author".

Whoopsie daisy.