Sunday, March 15, 2009


It has been so nice outside the last couple of days. We even grilled out Saturday and Sunday. Nothing big, Saturday we had Kielbasa & Hamburgers and today we had Chicken legs & Baked potatoes. But they tasted so good. I miss grilled food all winter.

Being that it has been so nice out, the boyz have been outside playing as much as they can. Little S decided today that he was a big boy and could ride his scooter by himself down the road with his brothers. This is the result of that little jaunt:

I am sure it will be black & blue in the morning, but it could have been much worse.
We cheered him up by taking him to DQ after dinner. Our local DQ was celebrating their 50th Anniversary and had some great specials. Hot dogs for $1 & small cones & sundaes for $.50.
Hope you had a nice weekend.


Kelly said...

Mmmm, DQ is awesome.

Becca said...

Oh I hope that his face doesn't hurt too much! And DQ is nice consolation!

Tricia said...

Ouch! Looks that might have hurt a little bit. I am sure the DQ did the trick though.

Glad you guys got to grill this weekend. Being that we don't get snow like you guys do and our patio is covered we are able to grill year around. It can be 15 degrees outside but you better believe I am going to stick it on the grill before I have to clean a pan. LOL! I think I'm lazy! Haha!