Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Search Of....

Ok, so the doctor I work for has many different ways of keeping in touch with his patients and the community. For example the skating party we had on Tuesday. Which by the way turned out not so bad. Yes it was loud! But I had a nice time just hanging out with my kids and co-workers. Sadly though one of my co-workers daughters fell shortly after we got there and broke her wrist in 2 places.

One of the other things that the doctor has us do is write postcards to some of our patients. Every day we are required to write at least 3 postcards to patients we have seen that day. Some days this is really easy. I get some really chatty patients and I have numerous things to write them about. Other days I can hardly get the kids to talk.

So going back to the title of today's entry, I need a few ideas and thought this would be the greatest place to get some help.

I am in search of conversation starters for those days when the kids just won't talk and I can't pull anything out of them. They aren't in sports, music, church and they don't read. Do you have any ideas of conversation starters?

The other thing I am in search of is ideas of what to write about on those days when I can't think of anything to write.



Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

with girls, you can usually talk about hannah montana or the jonas brothers...

Or ask if they collect anything?

favorite movie

favorite animal

Flavor of ice cream

Dory said...

I deal with this too, of course. Most girls right now are into "Twilight" on some level or another. Boys are my problem - never having any boys... I struggle with them more. Animals and music usually pull me through.

And if all else fails, I work in silence. (But I hate that!)

Jen said...

Everytime we have a kid in our office and I need to distract them while I start their IV, I ask about what grade they are in, what their favorite subjects are, what they want to be when they grow up, etc.
If they are little kids, I usually ask them about their favorite cartoons and then sing the theme song to them if I know it. It makes them laugh. I have a vast number of cartoon songs in my head - they are always on at my house!