Friday, March 20, 2009

Little S

Ok, this kid seriously cracks me up!

We had the kids to the dentist last week for their check ups. Teen & Tween passed with flying colors. Little S however, had 1 really bad cavity and 2 tiny ones. So back to the dentist we went today to get my check-up and Little S's cavities filled. I was really worried that he would give them a hard time. He has such a fit when he has to get shots at the pediatrician, I thought for sure I would hear him fussing from the waiting room.

He did exceptional. No one ever heard a peep from him. He sat still, never moved and never made a peep. I am so proud of him. He did better than I do. When he came over to the room I was in I asked him how he was (trying not to be too concerned and upset him) and he was excited. He said that they put sprinkles in his mouth. He keeps opening his mouth to show me his sprinkles and to make sure they are still there. Needless to say we have cut back on the hard candy that he gets. He doesn't care for chocolate but he sure loves the hard and sticky stuff.

Another thing he said today that just cracked me up......We were in the car leaving the dentist and stopped at a red light. He yells at the car in front of us "The gas peddle is on the right!" I think he rides with someone that has a little road rage in him....Hmmmm....wonder who that could be? (No, not me. Most likely his Although Little S is blaming that one on GramRetta. She'll be so thrilled with this news.

Have a great weekend!



Tracie said...

haha too cute!

Dory said...

Oh so glad he did well! I know you're relieved.

Becca said...

That is too funny!