Monday, December 15, 2008


So you are sitting in a meeting with your new boss. Learning lots of things that you need to know. Asking all the right questions. Taking notes and learning the ropes.

You stop to take a break. Get a drink, use the restroom, blow your nose.

After the break you get back to business and you notice a little something not right. There is a "bat in the boss's cave".

What do you do? Stop and tell him? Ignore it?

I'll let you know how it turned out after you tell me what you would do.



Rebekah said...

Male or female boss?

Either way- "Um, I tend to be an observer and I am observing ....... right now." Or write a note and hand it to him/her. Are we talking a zipper down? I am a little blond when it comes to some terms....

Jeankfl said...

I pretty much ignore it.. unless I'm pretty good friends with the boss.. or I'll try messing with my nose, like pinching it, and rubbing it, while looking at them.. sometimes people will rub their own noses and then realise something's there!

Shannon said...

I'm a big baby so I wouldn't say anything.

Jen said...

What is a bat in a cave? A booger?

I worked for a doc once who told me that I HAD to tell him if I saw something wrong with his appearance before he went in to see a patient. Boogers included. So I did.

It would make me very uncomfortable to tell my current bosses something like that even though I am sure they would appreciate the heads up.

Becca said...

Oh heavens this is cryptic, so many ways to take what you are saying...clues?

White Hot Magik said...

Assuming it is booger or moco as we call em down here, I would try the nose rubbing thing. Funny either way, I hate those situations, although I am sure it happens to us all at one time or another.

Tracie said...

Depends on how comfortable I was with him. I probably would have handed him a kleenes and said that he need to use it.