Friday, December 5, 2008

Classes and Travel

I took my CPR class today and passed with flying colors! I didn't miss one question. Yay Me! One class down and a million more to

We are packing up the car and heading out of town for a few days. The boyz and I are going to visit my Mum at her time share. We always have so much fun there.

We ride around through the resort and see a million deer. They are everywhere and you can get pretty close to them. I will try to take lots of pics.

There is also a sled riding hill so if there is snow, the boyz will be all over that. We have video from a few years ago that is so funny to watch. Hubby tried to go down the hill on a snow board and did not succeed. I wish I could transfer it onto the computer.

We are also celebrating Little S's birthday while we are there. He will be 5 on the 17th. We will have another party for him here later in the month. December really is all about Little S. One year it seemed everywhere we went he was getting a present for either his birthday or Christmas.

So have a nice weekend! Not sure I will make it on until Sunday evening!



Jen said...

Have a marvelous time! Sounds like a lot of fun!
I am a little jealous... I LOVE sledding!

Tracie said...

Good job on the class! & Have a super fun weekend!

Jeankfl said...

Wow.. good job on the CPR!! Let's see how you like it in, oh, 15 years or so! It's so boring after about the 20th time taking it! Sounds like you'll have a wonderful time at your mum's. Happy Birthday little S!!! Relax and enjoy!

Becca said...

Great job!

Rebekah said...

May you have many fond memories to create and a blessed time!