Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Little S!

Little S's official birthday was the 17th, but we had his party yesterday. He had a blast.

He loves trains so naturally his cake was Thomas the Tank:

One of his favorite presents was from his "girlfriend" S. S is a Sr at the high school and just adores him as much as he does her. These are two of her Sr pictures.

The funniest part of this is that her real boyfriends name is "S" and they have been dating for about 5 years. I wish I would have gotten a picture of his eye's when he saw her picture. They were seriously as big as saucers. Her picture is now next to his bed.
This is a picture of his other "girlfriend" L. She is also the lifeguard here in the summer and a teacher at the high school.

She also keeps him for us on occasion. He calls them "dates". What a card that kid is! He went with her today to her parents house to see her dad's train room. He told me all about it when he got home.

She brought him a Bob the Builder movie and a new tool box so he can go to work with daddy.
Notice the expression on his face. I swear as soon as he sees the camera he makes silly faces. I can hardly ever get just a picture of him without a silly face. lol

The present he got from us was not the one we had planned to give him. We were at the mall the other day and saw that K*B Toy's had some really good deals so we picked something up for him that we thought he would love.
Well it was in the back of the car. (see where this is going?) He and I were going somewhere the other day and as I got there Laurel and I were on the phone. It was pouring down rain so I parked the car and finished talking to her. As we were sitting there someone started wondering around the car and saw the present. So this is what he got from us:
Again with the silly face.
Last night Tween and Little S and I went to see the play "The Gospel According to Scrooge" at a local church. It was a great production. I was amazed at all of the special effects that they had. It was almost like an off-Broadway production. Scrooge and the Angels (instead of ghosts) flew out of hi bedroom window and into the next set. There was strobe lights, a fog machine, professional lighting and even snow at one point. I am so glad that we were able to go.
Teen didn't go with us as he opted for Cosmic Bowling with some of his friends at the local lanes. It was from 11pm - 2 am. He had a blast. I am glad that one of the kids he went with has been driving for several years now and the weather was clear so he was able to ride with them. Doesn't mean I wasn't nervous, but I have to give him a little leeway at times.
Today was just a lazy kind of day. Laying around and catching up. I have had a cold since I started the new job almost 6 weeks ago. I was off Friday so I have been taking it easy this weekend hoping to get a little better. Now if those sick kids would just stay home, I might get better.
Have a great week!


Tracie said...

That's so cute that S has 2 girlfriends!

Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday Little S!!! Cool gifts!

Jen said...

I loved the "marry me" ring pops! He is gonna be a heartbreaker for sure!!!