Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve! and a Contest!

The stockings were hung by the chim......Um.....On the wall with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

My mum had these stockings made for each of the boys as they were born. I absolutely love them. Christmas just wouldn't be the same without them. Little S waited all day for Daddy to get home from work to hang them. Does your family have stockings?

A while back Dory asked what our Thanksgiving traditions were. We really didn't have any. But we have several for Christmas. Our stockings are one of them.

Now for our contest answer this:

What are some of the traditions that you and your family share for Christmas?

The winner will be selected by "The Boyz" from all submissions received by December 30th. The winner will be notified here on December 31st. The prize is yet to be determined. Submissions can be by comment or by email ( Please leave a link to your blog if you have one.



Anonymous said...

Hiya! Our tradition was as follows: back when I was little & we were really hurting for money (we didn't have a car if that gives you any idea) my mom taped a lot of Christmas movies onto one VHS tape. This was our Christmas Tape. There were grainy lines across the screen, bits missing where the VCR had cut out or where "play" hadn't been hit quickly enough after commercials, etc. We loved our Christmas Tape, though. My brother & I played it every December, watching one movie per week to make it last until Christmas. Years and years later, when the financial difficulties were a thing of the past, we still watched our Christmas Tape.

Jeankfl said...

We have stockings that my mother has made, starting with my brother and me. She puts little miniatures on them when something important happens in that year.. like a baby when we had kids, a diploma when we graduated, a nurse when I graduated nursing school, an orange when I moved to Florida... you get the picture.. I'm going to post about them..
We also always open one present on Christmas Eve.. now only the kids do it.. and it's always Christmas pajamas.. We have lots of traditions.. they're fun.
hugs, Merry Christmas!!

Becca said...

Our tradition is that we do cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate every Christmas morning. It is one of those things that we have shared ever since we had our first Christmas together. We also do one funny Christmas card and one sentimental card. I have no idea how that started but that is something that has stuck with us.

Jen said...

Daffin chocolate is at stake here? Shoot, count me IN!

Our tradition has always been to have Christmas on Christmas Eve with my side of the family. We eat chili and soup and snacky-type foods at my parent's house. Then we open presents. It is a very casual get together.

The funnest part is that we all bring a "white elephant" gift and play a game where we can steal gifts from each other. It is hilarious to see what presents we fight over. (You can't unwrap the gifts until the timer goes off.) There are some nice gifts and some really dorky ones - there are no rules on what goes in the gift pile. It almost always ends up though, that people fight over something the looks nice on the outside of the package and ends up being something goofy like a can of corn or a roll of TP.

There you have it... our redneck Christmas tradition! Now, can I have some Daffin chocolate covered pretzels, please? :D

Vonnie said...

Hi Stacy,

At our house my kids have stockings that my mother made for them as babies, we have knephla soup sometime during the hoiday, ( it's a German dish with potatoes, carrots, and dough dumplings), and many other once a year goodies. This yr the kids started something new and it was a hit! All four are grown, 2 married and the younger 2 in college. They and spouses draw names for gift giving. This yr they decided that the gifts have to start with the first letter of our last name, next year the second letter, etc...What a hoot! There was alot of creativity used too! ex: a Super Small Snazzy umbrella for a daughter in law who asked for a purse sized umbrella. It was fun and added a little more thought into gift giving this year.

I enjoy stopping in at your blog and wish you a Happy New Year!