Monday, August 11, 2008

What a Weekend!

I have driven over 500 miles in the past three days. I am exhausted!

Friday started out kind of slow, but then I got the cleaning bug. I don't get it very often so when I do I tend to listen.

I went out to the kitchen and I scrubbed. And Scrubbed. And Scrubbed! I did from the top to the bottom. Cabinets, top of fridge (gross how much dust collects up there), counters, appliances and floor. My wrists were killing me when I got done. I have the start of carpal tunnel and scrubbing the floors pushed them a little too far.

Friday afternoon, I picked up Teen from Band Camp. He had a wonderful time, thanks for all of your prayers. We then packed up the car and headed to my mum's for the night. We got there fairly early, had dinner, played some cards and watched a little TV before bed.

Saturday morning, we left a little before 9 and drove over the Mason Dixon line to West Virginia to visit my sister and her family. We had a really nice visit. The kids played while the adults talked. We went down to the little restaurant in her town and ate lunch and went back for some more chit-chat and a movie. Then we headed back to my mum's for the night. We got in about 9 and then still had to eat dinner. After we ate, we went right to sleep.

Sunday we got up and went to church. After church my step-dad took me to Best*Buy and bought us a new computer. Mine was dying a slow painful death and he got tired of me not being able to use it. It lasted me 5 years and would have lasted much longer but the mother board was starting to go. I lost use of all of my USB ports and then other things were starting to not work also. The one he bought us will last a LONG time. It is top of the line.

We got back home here around 7 last evening. Hubby had dinner ready and we ate and crashed.

Today Teen and I rearranged the living room in order to set up the new computer. It is now up and running. I am missing a lot of files and links and such from the old computer. It is really hard to transfer everything when I can't use any type of thumb drive to copy from the old to the new. So if I haven't stopped by in a while, please drop me and email so I can catch up with you.

Here are some pics from the trip. I can now use my digital camera and download the pics on my computer. Before we had to download them on Teen's computer, save them to a CD and then transfer them to mine. What a pain!

We had to drive from PA, to WV, to VA, to MD, to VA, to WV to get to her house. Sound confusing? It is!

This is the mascot in front of the restaurant where we ate:

This next picture is hard to see, but try to notice how close the tree is to the side of the road:

This is the road up to her house. Notice how narrow the road are. They are also VERY windy. I learned what a hairpin curve was this weekend. I was driving and scared to death another car was going to come back down the mountain towards me. Where would I go? They actually have pull offs every so often up the mountain in case you have to pull over. There is no "side of the road" on her road.

We saw many of these along the drive: (Can you see her?)

This made me laugh! In fact, after I saw this I decided I had better take some pic's as no one would believe me. This is true "Hillbilly Country" where she lives.

This was an actual house at one time. Can you imagine?

These are two beautifuil pictures just down the road from her place. I know how much we make fun of WV, but it really is a beautiful state.

And I saved this for last. The other day Shannon challenged us all with the word "Route" and how it is pronounced. This is the State Park not too far from my sisters house. How do you suppose they say the name of this park?

I'll tell you how it is pronounced tomorrow. And can anyone tell me what Lake Swimming Horses look like?


Shannon said...

What a great weekend! Time with your family and a new computer! Woo hoo! :)

Thanks for sharing pictures of your weekend- that last one is so funny. Never seen a lake swimming horse and I have no idea how to pronounce that park. Crazy!

Jen said...

I am glad you had a good time! What a thoughtful thing your stepfather did - a new computer! Yay!
I love roadtrips! Love the pictures!