Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Prayers & Praying

I have found some wonderful prayer warriors here in cyberland and I thank each one of you for all that you do. Whether it is a simple prayer uttered after you have read my blog, or consistently praying for me every day, or anything in between I love each of you for it.

Most of you know that I have been off work for the summer. My plan all along was to ride out the summer with the boyz and if I wasn't called back when school starts to start looking for something.

A few weeks ago I sent out a few resumes and checked out Mon*ster dot com. I applied for a few things, but nothing came of anything I sent out. The past week I mentioned to a few of you that I was starting to look and that things were getting rather tight around here. I asked that you pray for God's guidance and direction for my next step.

God is truly an Amazing God.

I have thought all along that I wanted to do something different. That perhaps I would rather work with people. Get away from pushing paper all day.

I applied for many positions that did not have anything to do with office work. When I did get calls on them the position was either for afternoons (which I can not work) or the pay was too little for our needs.

In the last 2 days I have received several phone calls about office jobs that sound promising. All of these calls came from posting my resume on Career*Builder dot com. I believe that God is steering me back into an office. If that is where He wants me, who am I to question Him?

So as I interview the next few days, please pray that I see where God wants me and that I make the right decision.

I also have one more prayer request if you don't mind. Our second car broke down not too long ago. We have a friend from church that is a mechanic and is going to fix it for us at his home garage. The problem is it is going to cost us a lot more than we have right now. I just pray that God will show us a way to be able to fix the second car. Without the second car it is hard for both of us to work and still manage the kids and household.

Thank you,


Shannon said...

I am definitely praying for you my friend. We serve a mighty and amazing God and I have no doubt that He will show you His plan for you and provide just the perfect job for His time. I will pray with and for you and can't wait to see how He answers your prayers!

Dory said...

I'm praying.... you know that already but I just wanted to *remind* you again. ;o)

White Hot Magik said...

I thought I would mention how pretty your blog is, I like the redesign. I am praying too and left you a suggestion about this in another comment. I am a dork and decided to comment again. I am so behind on my blog reading!!!