Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Too Funny!

**Yesterday Teen stayed at a friends house so Tween had a friend stay here.

We had to run into W*Mart to get shin guards for soccer practice. As Little S and I were leaving, I hollered back to Tween and his friend that they could go P-O-O-L for a little while.

Little S says to me - "Are you talking about the pool?"

Me - "How do you know what I am talking about?"

Little S - "I am a four year old, I can know these things!"

**Last Sunday while we were at my mum's, we went to her church on Sunday morning. Her Pastor was out of town last week so there was a woman speaker instead. She talked about the undergroud church in China and how they were being prosecuted. And also how the Christians during the Olympics had to be careful and that 2 tourists and a guide had been killed the day before. Prior to this the Pastor had bought special bracelets that the congregation could have for free if they promised to pray for China. They were gray and said Pray for China on them. One side in English and the other in Chinese.

As we are leaving the church Seth mentions that he wants to take a bracelet. So my mum ask him if he was going to pray for China. He said no and she said that he could not have one. So he looks at her and says:
"Fine then, I'll pray for China!"
And we have been adding it to our prayers at night.

What a Hoot!


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White Hot Magik said...

Ohh, I think that is how I learned to spell, my mom would spell things out she didn't want me to know.