Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grab the Tissues

I ran across this video today.

The reason that I decided to watch it was because Nicole C Mullins wrote this song and sang it at the Women of Faith Concert I just come home from.

After seeing the video and blubbering my way through it, I looked up Team Hoyt. What an amazing story. If you have a minute please click on the link above and read the "Who We Are" tab.

As I was watching this video I was thinking how what this father is doing for his son is exactly what God does for us. God pushes us when we need pushing, pulls us when we need pulling, carries us when we need carrying and rides behind us when He needs to. He never leaves us, we just have to let Him guide us along the path.

What an amazing lesson I have learned today.



Jen said...

"Team Hoyt" is so inspiring. I've seen a few of their videos and they always make me cry. What an amazing father.

Bird said...

I saw this video at church and it just reduced me to tears. I wanted to blog about the whole experience, but I was entirely too emotional to make any sense.

Shannon said...

I've seen this before and they never fail to make me cry. This father's love for his son is truly awe inspiring and always reminds me that God loves each of us even more than this- more than we could ever imagine. Thank you for such a wonderful reminder!