Tuesday, September 6, 2011


From the title you probably think this is going to be a post about the Labor Day weekend and what we did, but it isn't.

Picnic is actually the name of the first production this year at Tween's performing arts school. Tween started school on August 24, they had try-outs on August 30th. He got a call back for August 31st and September 1.  On Friday he found out that he got a part in the play.  It isn't a big part but considering he has only been there for a week and he already got a part, we are extremely proud of him.

Now the hard part starts.  He has to leave for school at 6:10 am to catch the bus at 6:30. School does not start until 8:45.  He has a 2 hour bus ride with the other stops.  If I drive down it only takes 50 minutes. School is out at 3:15 and he gets home at 5:15.  Now that he is in a performance he will stay after school for practice and  I will have to go get him when he is done.

The performance is in October for 2 weekends.  I'll be sure to post updates and pictures as the time nears.

Thank you all for your support and prays as he has had a great transition to the new school and absolutely LOVES it.


ps - He is playing the part of 'Bomber' if you watch the movie or look up the play.


Shannon said...

Woo hoo! How fun!

Heidi said...

Sounds like fun! (the play, but not all that bus riding and driving!)

Crystal said...

Yea! Congratulations! :)

Turfdad said...

That sounds like a lot of work. It is good that he is willing what it takes to pursue what he loves. Good job.