Friday, July 1, 2011

The Voice

Tween and I recently watched every episode of The Voice together. We loved it.

We cheered them on and then booed when one of our favorites was cut. I think these singers are amazing and much better than many who are on American Idol. And it didn't drag on for an eternity like Idol sometimes seems to do.

We both feel that America got it wrong and that Vicci or Dia should have one. But I am sure all four of the top 4 along with a few other will get some type of recording contract in the future.

On the final episode each of the finalists got to sing with one of their all-time favorite singers.

So I asked Tween who he would choose to sing with and he wasn't sure but turned the question on me. I had an answer right away. We even text hubby who was outside and asked him who my choice would be and he knew without a doubt who I would chose.

So if you had the opportunity to song with anyone who would you chose? And can you guess who I chose?



Becca said...

No idea who I would have sung with but I agree it should have been either Vicci or Dia..I love Blake!

Bonney G said...

I was soo upset that it wasn't Vicci or Bev or Dia...I did not like Javier at all. Hmm I think I would want to sing with Etta James or Billie Holiday!

The Gaelic Wife said...

I would pick someone loud, like Ethel Merman, because I'm not a good singer and would want the other person to drown me out so no one could hear me. :)