Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hawaiian Night Desserts

Last night was 'Hawaiian Night" for our Wednesday night church kids (K-6th). I offered to make the desserts.

The first thing I made was a watermelon basket. First I cut two wedges out of the melon, then I balled all of the fruit and set it aside. After that I cut the "v" marks around the bottom of the bowl and across the handle. Finally I scraped the handle into a few lines. Once it was all carved and cleaned out I put the balled fruit back inside.

And this is the final product. It really isn't hard to do, just time consuming. It probably took me about 45 minutes to do this.

Recently my friend had a surprise "50th" birthday party put together by her sons and their girlfriends. This was the centerpiece for each table.

In case you can't see everything on there it is sand, seashells, beach glass and candles. In the little favor bags are handmade white chocolate seashells.

I absolutely loved it and knowing that I would soon be at the swim party with the kids I started thinking. I wanted something edible but also fun and safe for the kids.

So I kicked a few things around and this is what I finally came up with:

The 'sand' is crushed graham crackers and the 'water' is blue jello. To make it more fun for the kids I added swedish fish and sea creatures on the water and we used my friends left over chocolate seashells to put in the sand.

I had so much fun coming up with this and making it and the kids had fun eating it and picking out the chocolates and fish.



Susan said...

I'm jealous of your watermelon! I don't know why but I can't ball fruit. It drives me nuts! Cute, cute stuff!

beckie said...

So adorable! Susan I can't ball fruit either = (