Saturday, July 16, 2011

Funny Moment

I have a story to tell that tomorrow. But for today a funny!

Yesterday Tween got some disappointing news and several of my friends were also waiting for the answer. So I text them and let them know the answer he got. Although I got several texts back here are two texts I got in a row from two different friends.

First Dory sent this text: Awww poop

Then Shannon sent me this: Oh man. Stink :(

My Tween was so upset at the time and when I read him the two back to back texts he even had to laugh.

Thanks for making a tough situation a little easier if only for a minute.



Dory said...

Bwaaahaaahaaaa!! Who knew? (I told you we share half the same brain!)

I'm sorry for the bad news and bitter disappointment but I LOVE that he was brave enough to TRY!!

Becca said...

2 thumbs way up that he went and tried! He is much braver than I am!