Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things Floating Around In My Tote Bag ( huge purse)

1. Coupons
2. Sudoku Book
3. Recall notice for my 'new' van
4. Loose tic-tacs that fell out of the container
5. Tons of pens and pencils
6. Tons of receipts
7. Several random gift cards with just a little left on them
8. Tissues
9. Loose change
10. Gum
11. At least 2 tubes of Chapstick
12. Dental flossers
13. A Spoon (What? You don't carry silverware around?)

What random things are in your tote/purse/murse/briefcase/backpack/etc.?



Shannon said...

My Kindle, spearmint mints, a cord to charge my phone on a computer, allergy meds, and a pain patch for my back. Plus all the other stuff you said....except silverware :)

Tracie said...

I don't even want to look, i'd prolly embarrass myself! LOL