Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fake Birthday

Last weekend we went to my parents "Other House" to celebrate Little S's birthday. My parents have a time share that they have the first week in December every year. We usually go there for the weekend with them and celebrate his birthday early. He will turn 7 on Dec 17 and since it is so close to Christmas we try to make a big deal about it early in the month.
Little S had a hard time when he was littler trying to figure out the whole time share thing and celebrating his birthday more than once. So it became a big joke that we were going to the other house to celebrate his 'Fake Birthday" since it wasn't on the right day.
This is the cake we got him this year: As you know from several posts here he LOVES his big trucks. And every year for his birthday my parents get him a new one.
Here he is opening a small present from grandma and grandpa. Hmmm....why is it so small? A truck certainly can't fit in that box.
Or could it? In case you can't read see what it says:
Little S, Here is a Fake Truck for your Fake Birthday!
He thought it was funny, until he realized that there wasn't a big truck.
But Grandma and Grandpa wouldn't disappoint him like that, they soon brought his real present out for him.

You can tell by the look on his face that he loves his big trucks!


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The Gaelic Wife said...

How cool! So when he turns 17, are you going to give him a real truck?