Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time Flies

Boy I can't believe it has been so long since I put something on here. Fall schedules around here are crazy to say the least. Don't worry though November is coming up and I'll be doing a post every day for the month as I have the last few years.

All broken bones are now healed!!! And we hope that we don't have any more in the future. We are still working on getting the full range of motion back in the elbow, but we are pretty close.

Football season is in full swing and Homecoming is done and over with. Next up is Senior Night. I am going to cry myself through that night. This having a senior in high school is not fun at all. There is so much to do and get done and go to and PAY for.

Last week was the college fair and Teen finally has some motivation. He got some good information and we are going to schedule a few visits soon.

Not sure how all of this college visit stuff is going to work out since I am still a temp at a job. But then again I guess it is a good thing being a temp as I can just tell them my schedule.

If the hire me on I will have to be a little more strict with the schedule. This is also a good test to see if this is some place I want to work at. I have always said that my kids are my priority and there will be several times this year that I will not be able to work because of Senior obligations and such. They have been really good so far with all of the appointments with Little S and his broken bones. Time will tell I guess.

I am off to do a little more running but I will leave you with this pic of Tween from Spirit Week 2 weeks ago. Let me just say, he will do most anything for a laugh :)
This pic was from Team-Spirit day:

And this pic is from Rock-Star day:What a kid. You would never know by this pic that the only music he listens to is Christian Rock, Country and Sirius Disney.

Have a great day!


The Gaelic Wife said...

Those spirit week outfits are priceless! Nothing like College Night to motivate high schoolers toward better grades. It's worked for two of mine so far.

Jen said...

Glad Little S is healed up! And I love the photos of spirit week! What a fun kid.

You might mention to your oldest boy that we have a fantastic Christian college here where I live... :) Then you guys could make a college visit and stay with me. AND if he decided to go to school here, I could be his alternate mama! :)