Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Farm

Tonight our Jr Youth classes took 19 kids between 3 and 13 to the local pumpkin farm. We had such a nice evening for it. The weather was perfect, not too warm and not too cold.

We started out letting the kids climb the hay bales that were stacked 6 high and running through the hay maze.
Then we went for a hayride. This is Little S and I traveling back to pick our pumpkins.

And here is Little S in the middle of the pumpkin field. This was a great year for pumpkins. There were so many and they were all big and in good shape. Several years we have gone down and they have been little or rotten. We really picked some nice ones out.

After we all got our pumpkins we went back and let them climb on the hay again and took a group picture on the stacked hay.

Then we headed over to McD's for dinner and home.

This weekend we are taking the senior youth (6th grade - college) to the Corn Maze. This is always an adventure. We split up into teams and see who can come out first. I hope to have some more pics of that this weekend.



Chris said...

Gotta love the fall trips to the orchards & pumpkin farms. Curtis Apple Orchard near Champaign had the best pumpkins I can remember. We bought 3 that were huge & nicely shaped/colored. The Boy even swears that he saw the Great Pumpkin. :)

The Gaelic Wife said...

I remember trips like that with my girls. It's been too long since we did a corn maze. You inspired me to find one around here.

Vonnie said...

Thanks for sharing your memories. I too remember taking our kids...I miss it.