Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kids Say

A few days ago Hubby, Little S and I were sitting on the neighbors porch in the evening relaxing and chatting. Our apartment faces into the complex and the neighbors are in the back and face towards the road. Although the road is a main road it really isn't that busy except for the semi's heading to the terminal right up the road.

The neighbors both smoke and we don't. And even though we are visiting them they always step off of the porch to smoke when we are there. So as we are all sitting there talking Andy gets up and walks over into the yard and is leaning against the back of a chair talking to us while he is smoking.

Then Little S says: "Andy, you're like one of those big trucks that drives past."

Now you know when your child says something and you instantly cringe because what they just said is not nice and you are embarrassed that they said it? Well this is one of those times as Andy is a big guy. So we are all thinking Little S is commenting on his size.

So Andy says to him: "Why, because I am so big?"

And although they do not have children yet, they have niece and nephews and understand the minds of little ones so he truly was not offended.

And Little S says: "No because you are blowing out smoke like the trucks do. But you are big too."

We all had a good laugh about that one. And yes I told him later it was not nice to say things about peoples weight cause it might hurt their feelings. Which led to a whole other conversation.

Sometimes the kid cracks me up the way he thinks.



Shana said...

That is cute

Becca said...

Outta the mouths of babes..

Chris said...

You get to say things like that 2 times in your life: when you're young like Little S & when you're too old to drive. Sounds like S is making the most of his first go-round! Wondering what he'll say when he's 80+? :)

Vonnie said...

That one keeps you hopping I bet!

White Hot Magik said...

Ahh but we get to embarrass them when they are teens.