Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello There

Sorry I haven't been around. It has been crazy hot here so we have been at the pool a lot during the day and in the evenings we have been building the set for VBS and preparing everything else.

Here is the completed set:

The mic stands are probably set at 5 ft. We had a blast making it. It is all out of cardboard with some wood behind for support. I didn't do much of it other than paint some of the background and a few other pieces throughout the church.

I have been working on the PowerPoint presentations most of the day. Once the first day is set up, the other days are much easier. I just have to tweak a few things each day.

I hope to have some more pics and such on here the rest of the week.



Vonnie said...

Wow! Great job Stacy. What's the theme? God's kingdom perhaps?

Becca said...

Great job!

Jen said...


Shana said...

Hey, that looks great !!!