Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1

Wow, half of the year is gone already. Jeez! Time to start thinking about Christmas right? lol

Today's Prompt: What is your favorite movie?

I could list a ton of movies. I love to watch movies. Get lost for a little while in someone else's life and troubles.

I don't even have a particular style of movie that I like. I can get into just about any type of movie except for maybe a documentary or western.

There are a few movies I could watch over and over again without getting tired of.

Dirty Dancing - Who wouldn't want Johnny to teach them to dance? Who didn't fall in love with him?

Overboard - We would all love to teach a few rich people a lesson like Dean taught Joanna/Annie.

The Blindside - Leigh Ann Tuohy has inspired so mnay with her story and the actors in the movie could not have played it any better. I haven't laughed and cried so much in one movie in a long time.

A Walk to Remember - Such a beautiful story of growing up and loving no matter what.

The Wedding Date & Pretty Woman - Totally different but also the same. I love both of them in different ways.

The Thomas Crown Affair (new version) - Loved the secrets and the confusion and that Thomas Crown did it for the fun, not for the money. I pretty much will watch anything with Pierce Brosnan in it.

Any of the Lethal Weapon movies - They just make me laugh.

There are a lot more, but those are ones right off the top of my head that when I see they are on TV somewhere I watch or record them to watch later.

What is your favorite movie? or What movie can you watch over and over again?



Crystal said...

So many favorite movies (although most are not current). Okay ANYTHING with Audrey Hepburn. I guess anything with Katherine Hepburn too. Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman are also two of my favorites! I still wish I Johnny would teach me to dance like that! Lol. I guess i adore romances but I can appreciate and enjoy just about any genre...even *gasp*... documentaries. :)

Thank you for stopping by so often, by the way. I enjoy reading your comments and I love reading about your boys. They are something special. :)

Vonnie said...

One I really enjoy is Mr Holland's Opus. Your list was good Stacy! Hope teen is enjoying his week and has a safe trip home.

Anonymous said...

Like mother, like daughter. Dirty Dancing and Overboard are 2 of my favorites.

BEK said...

Love your list- but I would have to add The Princess Bride, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (the one from the 90s- I think), and Up!

Chris said...

You're just fishing for another blob post comment, aren't you?

League of Their Own
Kill Bill 1/2
Oh Brother Where Art Thou?
16 Candles
Forrest Gump
Rear Window
Dumb & Dumber

for starters... :)

R U Serious?? said...

I could list a lot of favorite movies but my all time fav is Young Frankenstein! Still cracks me up every time. Also, Christmas Vacation.

Glad you enjoyed the cactus pics. I only get one or two flowers every years but my father-in-law has a huge cactus garden. I posted pics on June 21 but it was right after the main bloom.

Have a Great 4th,