Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

I have had so much going on around here lately. I have plenty to write, but just not the time or energy. So I am stealing this from a few of my friends.

13 Pets

1. Samantha - German Shepard / Lab Mix - first dog hubby and I had.

2. Charlie & Tabby - cats - first pets hubby and I had together.

3. Matilda - cat - current family pet.

4. Fritzie - Guinea Pig - my valentines present last year. Yes I asked for her.

5. Princess - Guinea Pig - Snuck her in at college, ended up my mum's pet. Sorry Mum!

6. Tiki - Senegal Parrot - current family pet - yes he talks.

7. Baxter - Green Winged Macaw - He was beautiful, but too loud & big for an apartment.

8. Riley - Black Lab Mix - We couldn't bring him to the apartment with us.

9. Jesse - Black Lab Mix - One of my childhood dogs. Great dog.

10. Tippy - Terrier Mutt - First pet I remember having.

11. Turtle - We found it and our parents let us keep it for quite a while.

12. Sir Isaac Newton - Newt - I loved that stinkin' lizard when I was a kid.

13. Clams - Yes we had real clams in a fish tank that we took care of when we were kids.

This could probably go on forever. I have always had a lot of pets around me. Guess I am just an animal person. I would have more now if it weren't against the rules.

I can't even count how many fish I have had over the years. Although there aren't currently any in residence right now.

Happy Thursday!



Dory said...

Your pet list is as long as mine!

Becca said...

We have had 3 betta fish. I am pathetic.

Becca said...

I want Melissa to win. I really don't like the guy. Something about him comes off as fake.