Thursday, July 9, 2009


It has been a long busy week here. The boyz are in VBS at my MIL's this week. Little S is in class and Tween & Teen are helping out where needed. So between the time they have to be at the church and my work schedule, she decided it would be best if the boys stayed there all week. Less hassle for everyone in the morning.

The only problem is Little S. He has separation anxiety really bad. To the point that he won't stay anywhere with anyone. He has stopped participating in anything that doesn't involve me being with him. I am having a hard time with this as well.

If I do leave him somewhere he holds on so tight that we have to actually peel him off of me and then he cries and cries as I leave. Usually screaming "Don't leave me mommy. Please don't leave me." Talk about someones heart breaking. I can hardly stand it and usually cry half way to where I am going just thinking about him.

So the next question is why is he doing this. We sent him to preschool when he turned three because of similar issues and he progressed pretty good. After 5 months I could leave without him hanging on to crying. He was good for 2 years.

About February he started fussing when I would leave. Then he started crying. Then progresses to hanging on to me and crying. It just keeps getting worse.

Last Sunday when we got to Sunday School he went to his class and I went to mine. About 5 minutes later he was back at my side. I walked back up with him to class. He was the only child in his class that day.

That is when it finally hit me what is going on. Everyone has been leaving him. Literally.

In the last few years my grandma died (she lived with us for several years), hubby's grandfather died, hubby's dad died, there was some issues at our church (still unresolved) and many people left including his best little buddy, hubby's grandmother died, one of his teachers quit church.

I have been trying to reassure him all week that I am not leaving him for good, just over night. As the week has gone on he has actually gotten a little better each night. Not much but a little. At this point any type of progress is good.

Tonight is the last night he has to stay at grandma's and the weekend is soon here so I can spend extra time with him. We might even head up to camp for a night or two.


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Becca said...

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!