Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seven Things

I am now 3 days in to the new job. All I can say is that I am bored to tears. Seriously. I have done hardly anything all week. This is a newly created position so they aren't exactly sure of what I am going to do. I could go on and on about this but I won't.

Anyhow, what I have been doing for the past 2 days is scanning all of the business cards that the boss has accumulated over the years into the CardScan system which will then be moved over into the new Account Management System that they just installed last week.

As of today I have scanned and verified about 480 cards. BORING!!!! If I never see another business card after this week, it will be too soon.

While working with the cards, I have to check the backs of them for any notes or additional information. I found this on the back of one of the cards and I had to make a copy to share with everyone.

Seven Things I Have Tried
  1. Laughing at difficulties and found them disappearing.
  2. Attempting heavy responsibilities and found them growing lighter.
  3. Facing a bad situation and found it clearing up.
  4. Telling the truth and found it the easiest way out.
  5. Doing an honest day's work and found it most rewarding.
  6. Believing men honest and found them living up to expectations.
  7. Trusting God each day and found Him surprising me with His goodness.

- Author Unknown

What a great pick up to my boring day.



Becca said...

See you got some humor just when you needed it! Love those 7!

mitchowl said...

Thanks for sharing.

Vonnie said...


I too have one of those jobs that could cause you take a nap. I try to focus on all that it allows me to do. Flexibility for family, great benefits, and pays well. My self worth towards my work is questionable but there are not alot of options here. Hope you can settle in and find some productivity soon.

Dory said...

What a great 7 things!