Friday, April 3, 2009


Yesterday I took Little S to the school to sign him up for kindergarten. He had a lot of fun, but today he can't understand why he can't get on the bus. He is really seriously upset that he did not go to school today and is sure he is going to get an "F" because he didn't show up. I have tried to explain to him that school doesn't start until after summer, but he is not quite understanding me.

Anyhow, I was looking over some of the things that the kids need to know or know how to do before they start school in the fall. Little S has accomplished a lot of them, but still struggles with a few things.

One thing being tying his shoes. This one is really my fault since I seem to buy him the velcro shoes all of the time.

Come on, he is the third child and it is just so much easier for me.

Ok - I hear you, I'll work on this skill with him so he knows how by fall.

I am, however, concerned with one of the things on the list. Remember my child is 5 as are most of the kids signing up. What do you think of this skill:

Travel alone in the neighborhood (2 blocks), to the store, school, playground, or to a friend's home.

He Is 5!!! This is 2009, not 1962! Would any of you seriously let your 5 year old out of your site for 2 blocks? By themselves?

I can not even believe this is on the list. Maybe I am too overprotective of my kids, but I would be afraid that something would happen to them, someone would take them, they would get hit by a car or Children and Youth would be at my door for letting my child wander around unsupervised at 5.

After reading that I am also concerned about those parents that do not use common sense in the first place, now thinking it is acceptable behavior to allow their child to roam the neighborhood all day. You all know the kids/parents I am talking about.

Most of you that read this are parents. What do you think about this? Am I just too overprotective? Would you let your 5 year old that far out of your site? Alone?

That is my rant for the



Guinevere said...

I don't think you're being overprotective. What WOULD be acceptable in this case is that he be able to travel a couple of houses down to a friend's house WITH YOU WATCHING from in front of your own house. But 2 BLOCKS away...even with you watching, something could happen so quick, you wouldn't be able to do anything! I think I would talk to the teacher or someone in charge.

Tracie said...

Yes, I agree with Guine. You don't want your 5 year old roaming around by himself.

Shana said...

No way.
Marissa was in Grade 4 before she walked the 3 blocks to and from school by herself! And even then she had a defined route to walk, including which side of the street she was suppose to walk on.
And we live in a (relatively) safe area.
And I had to get up out of bed to pick her up everyday, as I work nights and slept while she was at school.
There is no way I would let a five year old walk by himself.

Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

NO WAY! That is ridiculous!

You can teach him how to tie his shoes, but send him in velcro, my 8 yr old can tie her shoes, but she seriously is horrible at it, they stay tied for 3 minutes tops...

I wouldn't worry about it

Becca said...

No freaking way. Too many bad things can happen in less than a block! I would ask the school what they are thinking. And that it is totally unacceptable for that to be your child.

Jen said...

Matt was an a sixth grader before I let him walk to school alone. Garrett will be a freshman in college before I let him!