Friday, January 30, 2009

A Difference

I wrote recently about Make A Difference Monday's. Have you tried to make a difference in the last few weeks? I have decided in my life and schedule right now, that Mondays I don't usually have the time and chance to make a difference. I am going to try to make my difference on Fridays.

However I do have a few things to share.

The week that I told you about MDM's I did not get a chance to really make a difference. But the next day as I was walking a patient out to see her mom, I noticed that her mom was not sitting in our waiting area, but out in the hallway lounge area. I didn't ask but she offered that her mom always sits out there as sometimes the people just aren't that nice. She went on to say that I was different, that I did an exceptional (her word, not mine) job and she enjoyed her visit.

Wow - I was really taken back. I didn't feel that I had treated her anything different than my other patients. She made as much of a difference on my life that day as I had apparently done to hers by just making me feel special.

Last Friday I was in a rush in town trying to get a million things done before I had to meet up with Laurel to get our hair done. As I was pulling out of my last errand I got behind a car and traveled down the road. As we approached the light (GREEN) she went through and a car pulled out of the side street and right into her path. She tried to swerve, but couldn't avoid hitting him. I was back far enough and saw what was about to happen that I stopped at the light (Just turning yellow) and let them pull off the road. As they both got out of the car and briefly talked, she started looking around for someone to verify what happened, pointing at cars and asking if they saw what happened. She never looked at me. As the light turned green again I knew what I had to do, even if it meant missing my hair appointment. I pulled in behind her and she came running over very shaken up. She had her baby in the car, she had never been in an accident before and the other driver was blaming her and wanting to leave. I asked if everyone was okay and then called 911. The police showed up and took my statement and I was on my way. I wasn't late and I felt so much better for making a difference in someones life that day.

This week at work I had one day where I just thought I should not go back after lunch, it was that bad. But I went back and muddled through. The next day was a good day at work. I am so thankful that I don't have too bad days in a row, I am afraid I would just give up. Anyhow, yesterday started out great. I was running on time and things were just clicking. The doctor came over and pulled me aside and said that he had gotten a survey back that morning and I was mentioned on it. (At this point I am thinking here goes my day) He said the patient had nothing but praise for me and specifically mentioned me by name. What a difference someone made in my life.

As I continue to get adjusted to the new job, I want to try to find the good things each day and make a difference every day at work. Even if it is by simply smiling at someone or saying hello.

Have a great day and get out there and Make a Difference!



Becca said...

Wow what a week and you are making lots of differences!

Vonnie said...

Stacy how nice for you! It does make going to work alot easier doesn't it? I was once given a gift certificate by a customer because they felt I went above what was asked of me, it made my week!