Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hello Again

It has been a terribly long time since I have written here.

I'm not even sure that anyone is still around.

There have been so many changes in my life that I could probably fill a months work of pages just catching up.

I would really like to get back to blogging and journaling.  I have missed it.  It used to be my safe haven where I could share my thoughts and every day mundane things and get a little feedback, but mostly, I would get relief from things that might be building up.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I can share the changes in my life - good and bad.  And get back to where I can share again.



Becca said...

I am glad that you are back! Blog away, you know you have at least one, and I am sure, way more people out here that care about you!


Stacy Gongloff said...

Thanks Becca. I sure have missed it.