Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Great Christmas Quiz - Day 9

Yesterday's question was:   What is a manger?  (Bonus: What is it made of?)

Did you say a feeding trough made out of wood?  You would be right on one part, but not the other.

(1) A manger is a feed trough found in a stable. In Bible times mangers were made from clay mixed with straw or from stones held together with mud; sometimes they were carved in natural outcroppings of rock.

(1) This information was gathered from

That poor babe (Our Lord Jesus) was laid in such a hard place.  I always thought (as you probably did) that he had a  nice straw bed.  Take a minute and go to the above referenced site and take a look at the photo of what he was probably laid in.

The reference for this is Luke 2:7

Day 9 Question:

In what type of structure was Jesus born?