Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Great Christmas Quiz - Day 4

Answer to Day 3

When Mary becomes pregnant, what relation is she to Joseph?

Betrothed - Matthew 1:18  & Luke 1:26-27

I really didn't understand the concept of engaged vs. betrothed vs. married so I have done some research.  The most easily understood page that I came across was: www.ecclesia.org/truth/betrothed.html

Basically it says that you are beyond engagement but not yet officially married.  Betrothment could last anywhere from one month to one year or more depending on what the family decides.  For all intents and purposes they were married but not yet living together and they had not consummated the relationship.  This time was set aside while they decided where to live, what occupation they would have, what dowry (if any) was to be given.

To read more on the subject, I would refer you back to the link above.  Today I definitely learned something.

Day 4 Question: (this one should be easier)

Why do Mary & Joseph go to Bethlehem?

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