Saturday, August 14, 2010

Empty Nest

For the second time this summer I have had an almost empty nest here. Sunday Teen & Tween left for band camp.

(Go ahead I'll wait for the jokes and laughs to stop)

Done? No? One more, ok. Finished? Good, on with the story.

I had an interview last week and new as soon as I scheduled it that I would get the position. Want to know how I knew? See hubby first didn't have enough PTO time saved up to schedule vacation time and then when he did his co-worker had time scheduled. So hubby finally found a few days that he could take off next week. Sure enough I was offered the position. There fore I had to start work Tuesday.

What does this have to do with band camp? Well since Teen and Tween were both going to be away and Hubby and I are both working, I had to find something to do with Little S for the week. This is where I then proceeded to call in favors <--- Read "beg people to watch Little S for the day".

So Little S ended up staying over night at Grandma Retta's Monday night and I picked him up at her place after work and took him straight to the soccer field. After soccer he came home, showered and packed his stuff to go stay at my friend Kandy's house Tuesday night. After work Wednesday Hubby picked Little S up and brought him home to eat dinner and pack his stuff so he could go home with my friend Heidi after church Wednesday evening.

So by Wednesday evening I hadn't seen or heard from the older too since Sunday when they boarded the bus and I saw Little S for approx one hour each day after work. Wednesday evening my sister called and Laurel called and I was beside myself. Not only was I tired from getting up early and all of the running around, I was seriously missing my kids. Like on the verge of tears, don't look at me the wrong way or talk to me for fear I would start crying and not stop type of mood.

I have no idea what I am going to do when they all do grow up and move away. Teen is seriously considering a college in Florida. However they do have an online program of study so that might be an option for him.

If yours have left home already, how did you do it?


ps - you can share some of those band camp jokes now....i could use the laugh ;)


Tracie said...

ya that sucks. The life of a working mom - danged if you do; danged if you don't. Hang in there! Oh, let's hear more about your new job!

Crystal said...

Hang in there!

Sue said...

It is never easy when they get to be old enough to move are constantly worried and wondering what they are up to. And then to make matters worse - you start remembering what you did at their age and then you start wondering how you are ever going to sleep. And then just when you think it can't get any take a moment and say a prayer and realize that He has it all under control.....and then you sleep like a baby!