Monday, March 22, 2010

A Night Out

Hubby and I were invited out to the local volunteer fire companies yearly Dinner/Dance and Fundraiser Saturday night.

We had a really nice evening out. Our one friend was the DJ for the evening. They had a ton of door prizes that were donated by the local businesses and you could also buy raffle tickets for an overnight at the Radisson. And of course a 50/50 raffle. I won a packet with a fire department t-shirt, a keyring bottle opener and a dozen wings.

For a while hubby had been wanting to buy a visor for when he was golfing. I told him that was ridiculous. He is balding and so he shaves his head. If he had a visor he would look pretty silly after golfing with a bog white ring around his red sunburned head. So while hubby was in Disney he was looking everywhere for a hat like this:

Unsuccessful there, he was able to find one at the local golf shop here at home and much to my dismay, wears it all of the time.
When we got ready to leave Saturday, he went out to the car ahead of me. When I walked out he was sitting in the drivers seat with this thing on his head. I was not impressed and made him take it off and leave it in the car.
One of the games they played that evening was called Scavenger Hunt Chairs. Basically, the DJ called out an item and those seated in the chairs had to search the audience for the item, run back to the emcee with the item and sit back down. After each item was called a chair was removed so the last person back would be out. It was a neat concept and we all had a blast.
Some of the items were simple such as Chevy car keys, lip gloss/lip stick/chap stick, any type of membership card.
Some were a little tricky like a sock with a hole in it. People were literally taking peoples socks off of them (with holes in them) and running them back to the emcee. If you think about it every sock has a hole in it, if it didn't you wouldn't be able to get your foot in it. No one thought of that and they were actually finding socks with holes in them.
Then they asked for a hat. Well being that it was a dinner not a lot of people had hats. Since we were parked right outside of the door hubby ran out to the car to get his 'hair hat' to give to one of the participants.
After they were done with it, hubby put it on his head. I just shook my head and pretended that I didn't know Well it wasn't long until some at the table realized he had an audience of his own. There was a table of older (70-80 yr old) ladies behind us. They kept looking at him every time he would move the hat in the slightest they would laugh. They couldn't figure out if it was real or fake. It was hilarious watching them watch him.
At the end of the night, they concluded that it wasn't real and one of them approached him, asked him to take his hat off and she started rubbing his bald head. They loved it and we all started laughing.
We had a great time and I think hubby made the older ladies night.


Jen said...

What a great sport! I prefer bald men myself, but I have to admit that his hair visor looked kinda cool! He pulled it off fantastically!

Sounds like a great night out!

Shannon said...

Lol I love it! I think our husbands would definitely get along! :)

Becca said...


Chris said...

Awesome visor! Sounds like it's already paid for itself in entertainment and blog posts!