Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lunch with the Bunny

Saturday morning the local Women's Club sponsored a lunch with the Easter Bunny. As we walked in up the steps guess who was standing at the top for pictures:

There were a few games for the kids to play and then there was a huge line for face painting. Little S wanted a lightning bolt, but I asked him to get something Easterish. He settled with a bunny.
Later as we were eating one of his friends came and sat down beside us. He had gotten the lightening bolt. Little S made a point of telling me that "D" was allowed to get a lightening bolt. When he finished going on about how I 'made' him get something Easterish, "D's" mom (God love her) let Little S know that the only reason he got a lightening bolt is because she wasn't with him in line or he would have gotten something else....hehehe. Chalk one up for the mom team!

After he was done eating he got to sit with the Bunny. He got a stuffed duck and a packet with a few pieces of candy, a bunny cookie from Eat 'N Park, free admission to the Fun Zone and a gift certificate for a free personal pizza at the local pizzeria.

After we were done there, we headed over to the lawn behind the bank where the local Kiwanis set up an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. They divided the sections up by age groups, through out boxes of candy on the lawn and 3 eggs in each section. If you found an egg you got an additional prize. Little S didn't find an egg but he did get a bag full of candy.
He had a blast and Hubby and I enjoyed watching him be so happy and have so much fun and delight in his eyes.

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Vonnie said...

What fun! I do miss those yrs when the kids were young and enjoyed holidays like this.