Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rainy Day

Today I had planned on getting pictures of Tween at soccer, but due to the rain soccer is cancelled tonight. So pics will have to wait until Thursday.

So what do we do on a rainy day?

Grandma came and picked us up and took us to Little S's favorite restaurant for breakfast.

Out to a restaurant to eat and he chooses cereal. Silly kid. He did eat a little eggs first.

Here is Grandma and Little S.

Then we ran some errands with Grandma. I have a friend who loves to do what we did next.

Anyone care to guess who this friend might be?

Grandma is getting new siding and she needed to get some color swatches to decide what to paint the shutters.

This pic is just for that special friend! LOL

Stop by her place and ask her about this pic! (Love ya friend!)



Dory said...

Hey.... I resemble those remarks! ;o) You making fun of the FOLDER???

Jen said...

I just knew it had to be Dory! :)

Tricia said...

Hi Stacy!

You know, I have came over this site a few times before but just never made it back. I am such a loser. Haha! Life is so busy right now here at my job and I just can not keep up with everything lately. When I am home I believe that is my family/home time so I rarely get online at home. So far no Foster Kids. We had to turn down a sibling group of 4 about 2 weeks ago. We don't have a vehicle that will transport that many kids at once. Especially since they were 4 years old and younger, meaning all in car seats and the 2 year old required a special car seat that lays down. So sadly we had to tell the state no. Then our social worker got diagnosed with a heart conditon and needed to have surgery so she has been out of the office since. Even though the social worker who is taking over for her while she is out could call us and place children with us they have yet to do so. That's alright, it gives us some more ME time and time to make more purchases.

I hope to talk to you soon!