Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not Exactly What it Was Meant For But....

It works for me.

Are you ever someplace where you need to remember something when you get home?

Or how about when something comes on TV at night and you need to look it up on the computer, but you are really comfortable and would rather do it later?

I have the perfect solution!

This is my cell phone. I use it to remember things. How you may ask?

I have my email address set up in my contacts. I simply send myself a text reminder of what I need to do.

See a new product in a store and want to check out if they have a coupon for it online before you buy it - send yourself a text.

Laying in bed and see an actor you just can't place, but you know you've seen before - send yourself a text to imdb it in the morning.

Something really funny, neat, odd, sad happen that you want to remember to blog about later - send yourself a text with a few words to help you remember.

Is there something you use an everyday item for differently than it was intended?


PS - There are several comments to the comments that were left for me, so check back.


Dory said...

Just a question... why would you be laying in bed trying to think of an actors name? Some fantasy fulfillment going on there? ;o) hehehe

Sorry. I couldn't resist. And yes, you may delete this comment if you want. ;o)

Stacy said...

You goof-ball! I often see an actor or actress and can't place where I saw them before. Like last night a commercial for Bones came on and I knew I saw that actress somewhere before so I looked her up on imdb this morning.

Dory said...

Ohhhhh. Yeah sure. ;o)

Tracie said...

Just another have your phone in bed with you?

Stacy said...

I have it on my night stand. Most people call me on the cell instead of the house phone. And some people text me after I have gone to my room. Like Becca, Dory, Laurel & my kids, just to name a few.

Tricia said...

I think you walked into that having your phone in bed with you business. Hahaha!

I use my phone do remind me of stuff as well. Birthdays, Appointments etc. I have never used it to remember something to blog about though. That's a good idea.

Jen said...

What is imdb? Nevermind... I am gonna go google it right now! :)

Jen said...

Yep I found out what imdb is! :)